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Here is some feedback from our valued customers. We would love to hear what you have to say. Send your comments to

"Absolutely great online shopping experience. I put my flies in the water the day after I got them and took a 21" Rainbow on one of your Princes. That's a good fish for Vermont. I have recomended you to several friends. I will never buy a standard pattern anywhere else."
-- Ross L , VT


"Good supply of bugs for the warmwater flyfisherman which is what I fish 95% of my fishing days. Bugs were of excellent quality and extraordinarily cheap. I am a flytyer, and I cannot produce most of your flies for the price you offer them. I will order again, and I have already recommended you to friends."
-- George F , NC

"I fished this last weekend in the Smoky Mountains, and even with the drought and record low water levels, I had the best trip ever; caught more fish than ever with the flies I bought from your shop. Thanks again. You have a customer for life! Lance"
-- Lance B , AL


"Recieved my order today. I just would like to thank-you not only for some great flies but the whole internet experience has been great. Awesome communication and remarkably fast shipping. I will truly reccommend you guys to all my fishing buddies in my trout club. Once again thank-you guys and hopefully I can send you some photos of some trophy trout.------- Tight lines-----Tim "
-- Tim A , CT

"I tried the Clousers recently purcased, hooked 4 steelhead - landed one (25"). Gotta have more. Lamar, that pink and black worked best. Thank you, Jim"
-- Jim N , NY


"Wonderful quality....first flies I have purchased that DID NOT need to be sharpened. Wonderful service and selection. "
-- Gary D , CT

"Lamar, I've been using your Lead eyed woolybuggers for Steelhead fishing on the Salmon River in Idaho. So far I've landed 6 with my flyrod. The average size has been 26". Thanks for the great service, Scott"
-- Scott J , UT


"Hey Lamar So sorry that I have not responded in a timely manner. I have been out of the country for twenty days. I am extremely pleased with your service. I appreciate your emails informing me of the status of my orders but especially I appreciate your fast delivery. I am a guide and instructor and the speed of your delivery and the quality of your flies are wonderful. I have passed your website on to guiding friends. Keep up the wonderful service and continue to provide the quality flies. Lou "
-- Lou B , NC

"Hi Lamar - Just wanted to let you know, my flies have arrived. I truly appreciate your prices, quality of the tying and service. I generally pride myself on tying my own, but you've allowed me to get very lazy with my vise! "
-- Rick V , CA


"Thanks so much, you guys are awesome. By the way, I crushed the PA steelhead Friday with the Stonefly's from my last order. Your flies performed well and for the money and time I save, I give you guys an A+. Thanks, Jenn "
-- Jennifer O , OH

"Hi Lamar - Again thanks for your fast processing of my order - hopefully it will arrive by Sun so I can try out the midge's at Putah Creek (outside of Sacramento) here in California. No action earlier in the day last Sunday, but as the sun started to set the rainbows were rising and couldn't get enough of your mosquitos - nearly every throw was a hit for over 40 minutes - what a kick. Regards, Steve "
-- Steve L , CA


"Mr. Dickey, Thanks for all the great flies. I was in Indiana County, PA near my house this past weekend and caught a 17-inch brownie on one of your Helgramite flies. It was a great catch, my best so far in an early fly-fishing journey. I gave my Dad a link to your site and he is gonna place an order with you guys soon also. We share our flies a lot so I hope the business is good for you!"
-- Nick S , PA

"Hi Lamar , I just wanted to drop you a line and tell you what wonderful service you offer. It's five stars all the way! I was amazed that you sent me two flies that were backlisted...when the postage itself was the box, time, etc. Talk about customer are among the best! I'll place another order soon, but wanted to express my thanks to you."
-- Jim C , IL


"I was about to email you to thank you for a well run internet site. My experience with you has been excellent. I own a 100 year old company with a large internet presence and understand the difficulties. Congratulations on saying what you will do, and then doing what you say."
-- Jeff M , ME

"I have used several on line fly companies, and your price, service, speed of delivery, has been the best by far- I will continue to use your company and advise friends of the same. Your shipping charge is the lowest and fairest I have seen yet."
-- Dennis P , MI


"Was told about the site from a friend(lives on the same street as me) who bought somes flies and was very happy with the quality and price of the flies. I then ordered some flies as well, and ditto on the price and quality. Will DEFINATELY use this site and recommend to others......BTW, this friend and I (and families) will be fishing the Black river in eastern AZ(in the White mountains) in a couple weeks, so we are gearing up on flies for the trip. Hopefully, will have a great report......"
-- Mark Y , AZ


"You have terrific turn around time on orders. Always appreciate your efficiency and the quality of your flies. "
-- Bob H , MN

"Lamar Thanks for the fast service. I believe your fly shop is one of the best so best wishes for continued success."
-- Bill G , MN


"Hi Lamar, Shipment arrived yestrday. I was so impressed with quality and price that I placed another order 30 minutes later! "
-- David P , NC

"Lamar, Thanks for a great experience shopping with you. Just the fact that you ask for feedback says it all. I will continue to shop with you and will tell all my friends about your site. Your good will and pleasent conversation has made me a customer for life."
-- David S , OH


"Just got back from Colorado. Flies worked great, sorry so slow on feedback"
-- Kevin G , MO

"I have already recommended your site to my fly angler friends. I asked about being able to request "freebies" and your staff replied to my email the same day...on a Sunday!!(OUT STANDING) I am completly satisfied with Anglers Dream, I have added your site to my "favorites"- and that is a big deal for me. I have ordered from Anglers Dream 3 times now and have nothing but good things to say about everything you have to offer- ranging from the quality of your product, customer service, and ease of navigation. Keep up the exceptional work!"
-- Jason R , MO


"I really appreciate the personal attention to each order. thank you"
-- Jim R , TN

"Dear Sir/Madam: I have just received my order of flies from your company. They are very well made, and better than described. I am very pleased with the quality of your products, and will continue to do business with your company."
-- Alfred V , PA


"Very nice site and excellent service, loved the personal touch of labeling each fly container and freebie fly gifts."
-- Glen J , AZ

"This was my first experience w/ your site and it was a great experience. I had the wrong fly shipped to me and the other ones were shipped to me promptly. I recommended this site to 2 friends and they both loved the site as well. Great prices, thank you!!! I'll be buying all my flies here."
-- Cary B , VA


"I am a guide in Colo and take out beginners who have a hard time seeing an attractor fly. If you could tie bigger posts to your parachute flies, making them easier to track on moving water that would be a great benefit. Used your beaded SJW today and caught Browns & Brookies. Very nice tie."
-- Robert T , CO

"You have an exceptional site and I will be purchasing my flies from you from now on. I was impressed with the hand-written note at the bottom of my invoice and thought that it was a good touch. Thank you for the prompt service!!!"
-- Matty L , CO


"Thank you for the great pricing and first rate quality flys .the hand written note on the invoice was very nice . I have referred you to a friend .Thank you and see you on the stream ."
-- John F , PA

"I just wanted to say thank you for sending the balance of the order I submitted. In most cases you have to chase down outstanding items like this when your dealing over the internet. I was happy to see this was managed proactively. I have used many of the flies from my order and found the quality and durability to be first class. Thanks for the quality service."
-- Kevin M , PA


"Thanks for the quick response on the two orders I recently placed with your company. The quality and pricing of your products is unbeatable and I would highly recommend your site to any and all of my fellow fly fishermen out there. Thanks to Lamar for his personal attention to my orders. You now have a customer for life."
-- Tim J , NJ

"Lamar, I just wanted to let you know that I received the flies last night and was very satisfied with the order! I really appreciate you expediting the order and enjoyed doing business with you! We will definitely keep you in mind for future orders and will tell others of your great service!"
-- Aubrey M , ID


"The Silver Minnows just arrived. Thanks very much. Your service is excellent, the flies are great and priced very fairly and the "freebies" were appreciated!"
-- Paul K , MA

"I like the flies!!! I am going on a flyfishing trip this weekend and these should get me into some fish. Im definitely going to make another order soon! Thanks again."
-- Bronson B , WV


"Greetings, Just wanted to let you know I received my order today. It all looked great!! and thanks for the extras :) You've really gone above and beyond to keep me happy. Feel free to use me as a reference should the need arise."
-- Al R , MA

"Well done. BWO spinner (16) the fish like. Mike is happy. Thank you."
-- Mike W , MD


"I was thrilled to fish two weeks ago a delayed harvest stream with a sulfur hatch on--caught over a dozen trout all 12-14 inches in an afternoon, and my first on my second cast. Having all the right flies improved my chances of catching fish. Your flies held up even after repeated catches. I'm so glad to know about you all."
-- Kathaleen H , TN

"Mr. Dickey, I just want to thank you for your great service. I have ordered from your website twice and both times received fast, courteous service. And I love the free flies. Keep up the excellent work. You have earned my business. I look forward to working with you in the future. "
-- Randy S , KS


"Thanks Lamar, I have a tailwater fishery up here in CT that requires very fine tippet as the trout have unsurpassed eyesight and take their time inspecting your fly. As for the flies... I have to say I was very impressed with the quality and uniformity of the ones shipped to me. I work at a Flyfishing retail store and can purchase flies relatively cheaply, but not at 0.61 cents... so this was a test run for me and I will undoubtedly be ordering more flies from you in the coming months and years."
-- Jeff Y , CT

"I introduced your site to my son Matt a short time ago. He couldn't believe the assortment of flies available and the price. He purchased some flies prior to his annual trip to Montana. He's hooked."
-- Anthony L , NY


"Got my order today and the quality is the best I have seen from any discount fly dealer. Thank you for such a great product at a great price! "
-- Lance B , GA

"I got my package today! I must say these are some really cool flies and great poppers. Quality and definition is top of the line in my opinion. I'm very pleased with my purchase and will be placing another order in February. I have a feeling that the fish here in Southern Arizona (yeah, we have fish here) will FEAR me now. Thanks again for great quality & workmanship. Tim"
-- Tim H , AZ


"Hi folks, Just a note to let you know you have the best in service. Placed a order on Monday, and recieved it on Thursday. Thats about as fast as it can get! The flies were the very best quality. Will be buying my fliies here from now on. Thanks, Dennis "
-- Dennis F , IN

"I just got my flies and they look great! I ordered them on Sunday as wasn't thinking I'd have them for a weekend outing, but I do. You guys are great. You have a customer for life. I was really impressed with the quality, especially considering the cost. I even got a freebie! Thanks again. "
-- Jason O , CO


"Your prices are great. I spend a lot of time in the UK where my order would have cost four times as much. Peter"
-- Peter M, NC

"The other day at a tackle show a guy asked me if I was interested in learning to tie my own flies.I told him that as long as I could get them by mail order there was no way. Comparing the price of flies, you are about a third of the cost of Orvis, Cabelas and similar big name suppliers. I am a tightwad and that appeals to me. Your service is really a big plus, I have always gotten my orders within 5 days. Keep up the good work, you are the best Texans I know."
-- Bruce T, OK


"I have purchased two orders from you and will buy a third and fourth in the future. You fellows are first class. A pleasure with whom to do business. Willie"
-- Willie D, OK


"Love your bass hair bug yellow and green. Catches killer large mouths at Lake Casitas in Cali. Keep up the great work! Rich"
-- Rich R, CA

"Just recieved my order and was pleasently suprised.The quality of the flies I recieved was very good, something you don't usualy see from a discount fly shop. I am a trout guide in Georgia, and I will pass your site on to the other guides I work with. Thank you very much. "
-- Gordon W, GA


"Hi, i just wanted to send you a message of thanks. Recieved my order, everything was in line, fly's were above expected quality. Very happy with the transaction. Bring on the Hendrikson's!!!!! Just starting here in southern ontario. Will be buying again. Ryan "
-- Ryan S, Ontario, Canada

"Lamar, Received the package yesterday. The flies look great. I appreciate the fast shipping. I am going to Presque Isle Bay in PA with my local FFF club fishing for bass and pike in the flats around the island. Needed to stock up on the recommended bass flies. I typically try to tie my own, but am building a rod for the trip and can only do so much - unfortunately I have to work. Again, great flies. I will be back. Brent "
-- Brent F, OH


"I appreciated your service and products I ordered. I used the flies I bought in the Fryingpan River in Basalt Colorado. Wow did they work out great. I managed to catch plenty of Brown trout and some Rainbows ranging from 18" on up to 26." I will be ordering again from you in the near future and again I Thank You for the fine service and web site I ordered from. Sincerely: Larry"
-- Larry L, CO

"The flies in my last order were top notch,as usual. Always good communication,and prompt shipment. Also,have had very good luck with the flies while fishing. They have stood up to numerous strikes and catches. Will continue to buy my flies from Anglers Dream. Roger"
-- Roger R, TN


"Thank you! Once again, those black deer hair poppers are 'da bomb! The tight pack makes them repel water cast after cast and they simply have all the right assets, especially the signature thump sounding pop. Florida bass think they are candy. Charles"
-- Charles K, FL

"Just to let you know, I was in a fly fishing contest over the weekend. Nothing I tied on worked until I put on one of your BH green scuds and started catching fish. Amazingly they were all rainbows. (a rarity in the Ausable.) 12-16 inch range. Would have taken second in the pro division if I had entered like I was supposed to. Oh well, next year. My buddy placed 3rd in the AM-Div. He was fishing like a madman. Tied on a creation of his-a black BH scud with copper wire ribbing. Thanks again. Tight Lines and Screamin' Reels. Tim "
-- Tim B, NY


"The only thing I can say is, WOW!!! These flies are top quality, I never expected to get grade "A" flies for that price. I will be a repeat customer, again and again, thanks. "
-- Lynn S, PA

"The flies I purchased are holding up very well. I guess I found a new fly shop. I've told a lot of my fishing buddies about your fly shop. I live in Montana, surrounded by tons of flyshops - Bud Lily's, Madison River Fly Shop, Blue Ribbon Fly's, etc. and they don't compare to what you've got going. Thank's again. "
-- Edward U., MT


"Gotta tell you guys that I have ordered from many online fly shops but have never had the pleasant experience that I did with you. Communication was outstanding, service was personal and whats best is that I got my order just in time to use on my long weekend in the mountains. By the way, the Tennessee bows loved the Sulpher Duns. I WILL be using The Anglers Dream exclusively for my online shopping!"
-- Jeffrey K, NC

"Hi Lamar, Just wanted to thank you guys for the great customer service and a great product. I just received my flies in the mail today and I was excited to see that they arrived sooner than I expected, and the flies look great. I can't wait to take them out this weekend! Looking forward to ordering more from you in the future. Thanks again, Ryan "
-- Ryan B, NC


"I placed an order through your website about 5 days before leaving for Alaska on a fishing trip. I thought there was no way the flies would arrive in time, but thanks to your fast shipping I received them the day before I left. The flies really impressed me. I caught grayling, lake trout, rainbows, and later some browns on various patterns. I just wanted to say thank you for making my trip great, and keep up the awesome work! I will definitely be buying from you again in the future. Sincerely, Derek"
-- Derek D, UT

"Hi folks, received both orders in same box, and they came in a timely manner to my house. Am impressed with the quality of flies, as I've ordered before out of the Uk, namely Wales and England, and have found the quality much better from you folks. Thank you, and you'll no doubt be hearing from me in the future. "
-- Scott M, British Columbia


"Thank you so much for the flies. Great service, received the flies exactly 4 days after ordering them (ordered Saturday, got them on Wednesday)! Flies look great, I'm heading out tomorrow for 5 days of back country fly fishing in the Sierra and can't wait to use these flies. Great deal, you'll be hearing from me again as well as a few of my fly fishing buddies."
-- Brian G, CA

"Flies received were high quality. Using some as models for my own tying exploits. Prices are superior to any of the big box chains and the exceptional customer service is comparable to the excellent fly shops around here. Thanks for your services."
-- Andy S, OH


"Went a fishin' with the Hares Ear Gold Rib Olive Beadhead and landed 52 trout...HONEST....from my favorite mountain lake near Mt. Adams in WA buddy landed 36..but, then again, he wasn't using your flies...that'll teach him...thanks for the great service....Howard"
-- Howard I, WA

"You guys have done a fantastic job, and I will continue to purchase flies through you for as long as I am able to fish."
-- Matthew S, MD


"I received my flies I ordered this week. They are great. I was skeptical when I saw the prices you were selling them at, and feared that they would be poorly tied (this happened to me when ordering from Cabela's). I'm very impressed by the quality of your flies, and plan on ordering more. Can't wait to try them out this weekend. Thanks again. Andrew"
-- Andrew B, PA

"Used your Elk Hair Caddis on the West Fork Black River in the White Mountains, AZ and tore up some Native Apache Trout! Great website and service."
-- Jason M, AZ


"Thanks for the great flies! I cant count how many trout I have landed with your flies. The personally signed invoice is a great touch, expecially in todays fast-paced internet world! You have a customer for many years to come.....David"
-- David S, NM

"Great fly's - took a group buddies out yesterday. Caught alot of fish, miss a lot but great product. I plan to order by the dozen, keeping them labeled better and sorted better by size. Thanks, have a great winter. Please use me a a referral if I can be of help. Warmest Regards, John "
-- John T, CO


"Thanks for the great service and prompt shipping. It made my last backpacking trip a lot more fun. I had more money for late night whiskey sipping after the savings I got from Angler's Dream!"
-- Jeff P, CA

"Hi Lamar, I received my flies today. They look very good and I can't ask more of the service. Now, all I have to do is wait till the ice is off the lakes and rivers up here in Canada and put these little guys to work. With a little luck and these great flies, I should be able to persuade a few of those brookies and speckles into the net. I have already made people at work aware of Angler's Dream and your great prices. BTW, I did not have to pay any duties, which is a bonus as well. You are now on my favorite's list for future purchases. Thanks Denis "
-- Denis C, Canada


"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for my recent purchase. I was out fishing a few weeks ago and I was busting some brush on this creek when I lost my favorite fly box with all my favorite flys, that will teach me to leave a zipper on my vest undone. I didn’t even know I had lost them until I went to look for a different fly and I back tracked as best I could, with no luck. Anyhow, it was a great relief to find your website and the outstanding deals on the flys that you carry. I have found fly fishing to be a rich mans sport and I am far from rich, so to find your website and the affordable prices was great. That was just my first order so I’m sure I’ll be back soon to continue restocking my fly box, and thank you for the personal hand written message from the person that filled my order. See you on the web soon. "
-- Ruben R, CA

"I received my flies today. Thanks once again for the fast service, it definitely keeps me coming back. I usually fish the Kern River here in the Southern Sierras and have been having good luck on your small midge imitations. The last two trips I've caught some fun wild Kern River Rainbows on your zebra midge and WD-40's. Can't wait to try the Griffith's Gnat. --Mark "
-- Mark S, CA


"Jody, I just wanted to thank you for the quick service I received on my recent order of flies. Quick service and quality flies plus a "freebie" will certainly keep me coming back for more. I palced my order on Monday, Mar 2 and I received them today, Mar 5. Now its off to the stream on Monday. Thanks. David"
-- David N, VA

"Lamar, I found your customer service to be even better than your web site (which is pretty awesome) I am glad I found your site and I tell anyone who will listen to buy from you."
-- Eric S, CA


"I am a repeat customer & will be a long term customer. I caught about 12 steelhead my first time out with the Clouser Minnows, and many more since then!!"
-- Gene H, OH

"Hey Lamar, Thanks for the great service on my fly order. Placed order Wed. night at 10:30 pm and received my order on Saturday. Jody did a great job! It's nice to see a business owner who still cares about their customer's and customer service. I was in BassPro on Sunday and two more flyfishers now have your website address that didn't know about you before. Keep up the great work! Marty "
-- Marty A, NC


"I just wanted to let you know that my whole experience with ordering from The Angler's Dream Fly Shop has been much more than expected. I was a little hesitant to order flies online without actually seeing them. I was in for quite a surprise when I received my first order and all of my flies were flawless! The whole experience, from picking out my flies online up to how fast they arrived at my door was nothing short of amazing. With all hesitation gone, you guys are the only place I look to buy flies. Thanks so much, Kevin"
-- Kevin M, CO

"Lamar - I just received my order of streamers last night, and i wanted to tell you that not only do I appreciate the quick delivery and and high quality of the flies, but I thought your handwritten note to me on the invoice was a terrific touch of customer service. It's those little things that make a difference, and I've already put more money where my mouth is: I just sent you a second order for a sh*tload of nymphs last night. Best of luck with your business in this crazy economic climate, and greetings from midtown Manhattan. Looking forward to continuing to do business with you moving forward. Steve "
-- Steve W, CT


"Hello from Tennessee, I received my order and the free fly. The order looks great and I was so taken with the hand written note that I showed it to my wife, we both smiled, thanks! I will be doing business with you in the future. I sent a blanket email to all my fishing buddies and family regarding The Anglers Dream web sight. I'm sure they will give you their business too. Glad you're here for us. The craftsmanship and prices are really good, cheaper to buy from you than to tie my own, although it is great therapy to tie. Thanks again, Tommy"
-- Tommy H, TN

"Absolutely the best flies at the best price anywhere. I just received them and can't wait to get out on the water. I finally found the place that I will buy all my online flies from. Thanks again - customer for life. Adrain"
-- Adrian C, NY


"I will never buy flies from anywhere else...EVER...Lamar and the team at Anglers Dream sell outstanding products, this is my 3rd or 4th order of flies this year...I continue to stockpile my favorites, and try new ones each time I head out to fish. The prices are so low you almost can't tie them yourself for that price. The shipping is amazingly fast, and the customer service is on the elite level. Thank you all for everything, keep up the great work, I refer fellow fisherman to you regularly and they have all said they are very happy with their purchases! "
-- Ron O, PA

"Hi Anglers Dream team! You guys are great! When I order Mondays the product always gets here in two-three days and the shipping is very cheap. You're the only place I buy flies from! Best of all they catch fish! And you carry everything I need. I recommend you guys to anybody who's looking for a high quality fly for a very low price. You Guys Rock! Hang loose, Neil"
-- Neil V, CA


"Sorry if I am not supposed to reply to this email, but I wanted to thank you guys for all of your service. I have bought flies from you in the past, and you have treated me with such respect and honesty that I will always go to you for my fishing needs. You ship fast, have AWESOME prices, and the quality is outstanding! Thanks again for everything. Sincerely, Jim"
-- James B, UT

"Thank you, Jody, I very much enjoyed your kind note on my Packing List. This was my first time ordering from your company, and it will not be my last. The flies are of superb quality and at a great price. William"
-- William J, CA


"Just wanted to let you know that I received my fly order from you folks on my way fishing today. I am SO pleased with the quality of flies and service. Only 2 days and I'm catching fish with them. The Scuds worked great. Thanks again, and I'll be back. Dave"
-- Dave F, OR

"Just want to thank you for providing great flies at a great price. I got into fly fishing a year ago, and you guys have made it affordable for a recent college grad to get started. Ive been doing really well with your flashback pheasant tails. Thanks again! Andrew "
-- Andrew B, PA


"Dear Lamar, I received my order today, only 2 days after it was shipped. Super! I am not a trout fisherman but rather a bluegill nut and smallmouth chaser. I'm 70 years old and have been fly fishing since my Dad put a 9' bamboo rod in my hands when I was 6 years old. I tie my own flies but always looking for new patterns and when I found your web site I couldn't pass up "such a bargain." I'm most happy with the flies and will be giving them a go in the UP of Michigan next week. I've told my friends about your web site and the super service I received. I'll be a return customer! Best Regards, Dick"
-- Dick G, IN

"What a company! With your prices, speed of order processing, selection, quality, and most importantly your special customer service touch of a handwritten thank you note and a freebie fly - you've earned a repeat customer for a really long time. I've recommended this site to all my fishing friends. Keep up the phenomenal work! I look forward to losing all the flies I just ordered so I have an excuse to order from you again! Keith"
-- Keith H, WV



"Fly fishing in upstate NY, today and I was using tandom rigs. I usually fish a green wooly bugger with a pheasant tail nymph. But today I used the green wooly bugger with a small black wooly bugger that you threw in one of my orders labled freebie. Long story short, I landed a nice 19 inch brown trout on the small black wooly bugger. Thanks for the good luck and for producing great flies at affordable prices. "
-- Joseph D, NY

"I went up on the McCloud river (Ca) with the flies that I bought from you last week and did extremely well. I cannot believe how inexpensive your products are. Local flies were $2.29 each. Thanks!!!"
-- Cade W, CA


"I just placed an order of flies and received them today...all I can say is "WOW!" I'm really impressed with the quality...and not just quality for the price...quality period...I've been using mainly poppers while fishing for bass and pan fish down here in SW Louisiana, but recently my buddy and I started wet wading creeks and decided it was time to "match the hatch"...I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am very excited to get on the water and try these out, they're awesome. I know that I'll be definitely placing more orders in the future. Thanks for the wonderful customer service. "
-- Russ M, LA

"Lamar, I started the season May 1st on the Beaverkill. Have fished the Beaverkill every two or three weeks since. It is now mid-September and our last trip is next weekend. From the early season Quill Gordons and Hares Ears, through Caddis and Sulphers, through Terrestrials and even Stimulaters .... Angler's Dream flies all the way. These flies caught a lot of trout and each fly would last and last. Thanks to your prices, I was able to stock up on a half dozen each of several sizes of the same fly ... and have a nice progression of the right flies through the season to match the hatch. Could never afford that before. Plus, tried some new products ... the braided leaders were terrific. I saved enough money to go to my local fly shop and pick up a new reel -- so continue to support my local store and get great prices from AD - best of both worlds. Please keep on doing what you're doing! Best, Glen C"
-- Glen C, MD


"Anglers Dream, Since my first order, I have been very pleased and have been passing the word on to my fishing buddies. Your prices, quality and shipping are top notch. I know of at least one other friend now buying from you and several more putting a purchase together. Been catching walleye, big 'bows and browns on your streamers. Keep up the great work, James"
-- James O, ID

"Jody and team, As simple as it is, the hand-written note at the end of each of my orders with you is much appreciated. Your fast shipping across half the country allows me to be prepared for those last minute get-aways. More often than not I realize I'm out of some basics or may need something very specific for the upcoming trip. The great prices, without a doubt are the second best part of our business interaction. Again, best is the hand written thank you. I look forward to doing business with you continuously through the future. Thank you, Nick"
-- Nick T, CA


"Your flies are awesome and your prices are even better. I tie a lot of my own flies to save money, but buying them from you is actually cheaper than tying them myself, and it saves me tons of time. I've ordered over 300 flies from you and will be ordering a lot more. It really is an anglers dream. The flies I ordered are only for one of the many rivers and ponds I fish, so expect to hear from me again. Matt"
-- Matt L, ME

"Thanks again Lamar for the great service! I'm attaching proof positive of the effectiveness of your flies. Caught this Cutthroat on a high mountain lake in Colorado using a Parachute Hopper purchased from you guys...Only damage done was to the fish...I'm still using the Hopper. You have great flies! Jeff"
-- Jeff K, NC


"Lamar, You folks never cease to amaze me. I received my salt water flies today...two days after I placed my order. I couldn't be happier. I am anxious to give the new ones a try. I have had great success with my past orders. Your prices are the best I have found and your shipping rates to be the lowest with no minimum order!! I will be back again. Now it's time to go fishing... Thanks, Greg"
-- Greg C, FL

"Here is a picture of a 24inch Rainbow Trout taken on a size 16 Beadhead Red San Juan Worm purchased from your company. The fish was taken on 6x tippet from the Arkansas River below the Pueblo Reservior, Pueblo Colorado. Mark"
-- Mark P, CO


"Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am to have found you. Couldn't be happier with your flies, value, shipping speed, customer service, and the "freebie" you add even on a small order. My brother and I both shop with you and will spread the word about your site. Well done. "
-- Tom T, CA

"Thanks for your great service. The glo balls I received last week worked great caught some nice trout 15" to 18". Can't wait to get the smaller size. They should work even better. I have recomended your company to four fishing buddies and will spread the word more. Thanks again, Paul"
-- Paul K, MO


"Hello, Just wanted to send a quick thanks for my recent order. The flies got here REALLY fast, looked great, and even more important, caught fish on the first time out! Thanks for providing a great product at a great price! You've definitley earned a loyal customer for the future! All the best, Chris"
-- Chris L, WI

"Completed the survey. FYI, yesterday I caught a 29" rainbow in the Soque River in North GA, one of 26 trout that I caught ....It was caught on one "of your" beaded natural Hare's Ears. Mitch"
-- Mitch S, GA


"Lamar, Thanks for the yarn indicators! I have to brag a little bit... I just won a One Fly Tournament on the Chattahoochee River here in N. Georgia using one of the flies I just bought from you. That white crystal black tail beadhead wooly bugger absolutely tore it up! The other guys were absolutely dumbfounded. I'll be ordering more shortly. Thanks! Steve S"
-- Steve S, GA

"Lamar, Thanks for the quick response and even quicker shipment. The flies and furled leaders have already pulled in some great fish in Middle and East TN. I always enjoy visiting the site to see what's available and the "Hot Specials". I have passed along the website to numerous friends and some cohorts in my chapter of Trout Unlimited here in TN. I won't go anywhere else for my fly fishing needs! Thanks again. Kyle"
-- Kyle W, TN


"Please thank Lamar for saving me the shipping charge on my last order. Very kind. That kind of service, though not a lot of $$, does wonders for customers falling in love with your company. Great stuff. I recommend you highly! Thanks, Kevin "
-- Kevin A, CA

"Just ordered from you guys, and was really impressed on how professional you guys were. Ordered about 99 flies Friday night and received today in Las Vegas Monday. Wasn't really expecting the shipping to be that fast but I was blown away. The quality of the flies were excellent and I can't wait to use them this year. Keep up the good work! "
-- Jason D, NV


"YOU GUYS KICK A**!!!! I just got my flies in the mail today. I should get to use them this weekend. The batch I bought off of you last caught tons of fish including about 2 or 3 dozen golden trout. You're the only place I buy flies from. Thanks for making fly fishing affordable again! Parker"
-- Parker B, CA

"Lamar, I just wanted to thank you for having such a great site for me and my buddies to shop at. We do a lot of fishing trips around Wisconsin throughout the year. From the browns to the rainbows to the steelhead and salmon - your flies have hooked them all. I have turned my buddies onto your shop. In fact I think that Jared Baker just placed an order recently. You have become a topic of conversation on our trips. We are fishing the driftless area in Viroqua, WI in a few weeks. We will be sure to raise a cold beer to you! June is a 4-day trip on the San Juan in New Mexico so I would expect a few more orders in late May. Thanks again for your impeccable customer service. I love the feeling that you remember me every time I place an order. Cheers, John "
-- John F, WI


"I know that most of the time people only want to contact customer service when they have a problem. I wanted to actually express my gratitude and commend you on your excellent service. I received my order in about 2 days!!! Wow! I'm a long time fly fisherman who normally ties his own flies. Someone recommended your business to me because of a fair price with great quality, so I gave you a try. You overdelievered! This may not mean much, but I ordered 2 dozen flies and you sent me one extra. I know from a cost basis its means cents on the dollar but someone needed to take the time to tie, which I really appreciate! You've made a lifetime customer from me! Sincerely, Adam"
-- Adam E, PA

"I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for your prompt delivery of my order. I also appreciate the time that was taken by adding a personal thank you note on the receipt in real handwriting, not a computer generated message. This small personal touch shows your company cares for it's customers and I am not just another number. This is the second time I have placed an order with your company and was very impressed with both customer experiences. You will be the first company I will look to to place future orders."
-- Octavio A, CA


"Hello Lamar, This is just a note to say at-a-boy and job well done; this is my 3rd or 4th order with ya'll and I have set my brother and my wife up with a very nice package of flies to start them on their way in fly fishing. The outstanding service and flies you have to offer is just that, "OUTSTANDING". Thank you sooo very much, Dave"
-- Dave W, CA

"My name is Jesse and I just ordered 20 smallmouth bass flies from you all, and I was amazed at what I got for the price. You guys blew me away! I received my flies today and immediately told 4 of my friends and called my brother to tell them about your site. I live 15 minutes from the New River (in my opinion one of the best smallmouth bass rivers in the world) and can not wait to use these flies. If there is anything I can do to help you with your business (pictures, feedback, anything) let me know. As a very active fly fisherman, I want other people to know where they can buy great, affordable supplies. Thank you so much and I will definitely be back ordering soon. Jesse"
-- Jesse H, VA


"Thank you so much for such great customer service and a quality product as well. This is my second order with you guys and I am so pleased with everything you do from internet site to shipping, it's all really amazing. I am so thankful because in today's day it's rare to see a business exceeding expectations in customer care. Thanks again for the good work. See you next time I have a need. Jared"
-- Jared B, CA

"Lamar, I would just like to thank you for the awesome service your company has provided me. Its hard living in Tucson, AZ and finding the flies I need without having to tie my own. You have no idea how much time this saves me. To be able to find everything I need in one place was great. Have a great one. Cheers, John"
-- John S, AZ


"Jody, The last flies were great. I guide on the North Fork of the White in Missouri. During the busy season I can't keep up tying and have spent many sleepless nights trying to make sure my clients have all they need. When I found your site I thought your prices were so good that quality must be sacrificed. That's certainly not the case. And by the way pretty sneaky throwing that red bh copper john in as a freebie. I liked it so much I ordered 6 more. Thanks and fish on. Rusty "
-- Rusty D, AR

"The entire experience with your company has been POSITIVE . From placing the order, to delivery time, and the freebie hopper far exceeds that experienced from other sources. Martha and I look forward future transactions. Don"
-- Don H, VA


"Lamar: You guys have always been the best at quality and customer service in the business. You go the "extra mile" where others try to squeeze an extra buck out of customers and I wouldn't consider going any place else to buy anything you sell. "
-- Herb G, GA

"Jody, I recieved my flies today and I was so suprized at how quick they came and the fine quality of these flys, perfect. Can't begin to tell you how fine these flys are. Ohhh by the way , thanks for the freebie and the honest postage, you guys are truly number one in my book. Won't buy anywhere else and by the way when I opened the container I had at least two of the mosquito fly out of the box, been looking for them now for an hour, great job you guys. "
-- R.A. P, NV


"Thanks. You guys really run a class act. I loved my freebies last order. I tell all my buddies about you. I don't tie nearly as many flies as I used to because of your prices and quality."
-- Stephen K, WV

"Lamar: The flies were awesome. You put plenty of hackle on the parachute hopper to really make it float! That is the weakness I have seen with others attempts. The flies worked great and we had the best days on the Green River I have ever had. Thanks so've won a customer with me! Darren"
-- Darren A, UT


"Hi, I am a trout guide in Mammoth Lakes, Ca and I have been purchasing a few consumable flies from you for around a year now. Just wanted to let you know that I have been using many of your flies with my clients with good results. Mostly the Basics like PT's Baetis and today, your foam hopper pattern crushed with my client at Hot Creek Ranch, a famous dry fly only private water here in Mono County. Also wanted to let you know, now that I have confidence in your flies, I have been promoting your website to my friends and clients. So you should be getting some more business from California in the future! Thanks Again, MARK "
-- Mark S, CA

"Just back home today from a week of travel and these flies were waiting for me. They look custom tied. Wasn't expecting that. They are very impressive and will be headed out to deal with the local largemouths tomorrow morning. Thanks, Bruce"
-- Bruce B, OK


"Thanks , I like everything you guys have done for me so far . Even though I'm an avid tier there are some patterns I just don't like tying and your prices are so that it's not worth my time messing with it. Tight lines . Ken "
-- Ken B, NM

"Hi Lamar, Just placed my third order with your company, you guys are great. Unbelievable prices and quality. I received my first order today and was very happy with both the flies and the quick delivery time. You've got a long time customer here. Thanks a lot, Paul"
-- Paul P, MI


"Order arrived on 3 Feb., and I was very impressed with the patterns and quality of the flies. I've forwarded your website to all the members of our Flyrod Club, and know that at least 3 others have already ordered. Thanks for the great flies, and can't wait to get out there and try them. Don"
-- Don B, FL

"I just received my flies which were mostly streamers..I can only say I am impressed and if they fish as good as they look I'm in for a grand time! I compared them to some I picked up in VT. and Tn. at Orvis shops and also some of my own....can't see the difference, except for the lower price...prompt service...THANK-YOU... "
-- Paul S, PA


"Wanted to let you know that the trout flies arrived in good order. I'm hoping to be on the water very soon for some pre-seasonal trout fishing here in Georgia. I can't help but mention noticing the personality that has gone into the tying of these well made flies. I am really liking these patterns. Looking forward to making some presentations to some awaiting trout, I dont see how they will be able to resist these. Thank you and I'm totally pleased."
-- Bobby G, GA

"Jody, Just wanted you to know I received my order this date and for the price it exceeded my expectations. They are very much comparable with the flies I have obtained from Orvis and Cabella's. I assure you this is not my last order and will reccomend your products to my friends. No need to reply, thanks again. "
-- Roger W, GA


"Jody, First let me say that the service from you guys / gals is great!! I don't know where your flys come from, but the prices are right and the fish don't care (or know) what I paid. Oh, have I mentioned the service? Good job!---(I'd ask for a raise!) Thanks again, Bill Ps: I was raised in Dallas and also lived in Tyler, Longview, and raised cattle around Crockett. We were fishing and killing ducks in the years that Lake Fork Res. was filling! Great times! Man, I love east Texas and the people that live there!"
-- William R, NC


"Hey Guys: Just wanted to drop a quick line to say what a great job you do with both flies and shipping. I've been tying for many years and after a while you just shy away from the no see ums and stick with the buggers and streamers and bigger dries. I want to thank you for tying my smaller flies at a great, better then great price and for doing an awesome job. You have a customer for as long as I cast the fly. Thanks Guys "
-- Paul F, PA

"Jody, Thank you very much for your courtesy by writing a personal note on the packing list. It shows you care about your customers and that you take great pride in your profession! I will have you know your flies have stood up to the punishment the trout in the Smoky Mountains have put them through. Thank you again, it is my pleasure to have The Angler's Dream as my one-stop-shop. Tight Lines James"
-- James E, KY


"Hi Lamar, Just got my second fly order from you this season, just in time to beat the Canada Post strike. Superb service, accurate count, well made, and no difference in quality from any other flies I have bought costing up to 3 times more. Will be back for more when I wear all these out fighting our Alberta trout! Thanks for the freebie as well. Regards, Brian "
-- Brian E, Alberta, Canada

"Thanks, very quick and exceptionally well tied flies. The mosquito was probably close to perfect. Well done. As a retired fly tyer, these are great. "
-- Roland C, FL


"Just got my rather small fly order in. This was actually a quality test. I used to tie commercially and I'm pretty picky about what I'll attach to a leader. The flies look very good and the fast service can't be beat. I'm glad I found a source for the small stuff I can't see well enough to tie myself anymore. I'll be back for more. Well done! Best wishes, "
-- Bob R, AR

"In my 60 years of buying fly fishing gear I have never had the owner of a company call and ask of my concerns. I emailed you to ask if I could get a rush order and Lamar called me on the phone and assured me that my order would arrive before my departure date. That is what I call GREAT customer service.Thank you again for your attention to detail and the wonderful products you provide for us. You have set the standard in value, product line and service. Good fishing to ya, "
-- Tommy H, TN


"Just a note that I've had great success with your flies. I've tested a number of your flies with much more expensive ones ($2 to $2.50 each) and the trout don't seem to notice a difference. In fact, on Saturday on the Provo River I had better luck with your foam hopper than with the Rainy's Grand Hopper. Your ants, elk-hair caddis, and parachute Adams likewise perform as well as the expensive versions I bought in West Yellowstone. Flyfishing is more fun when you don't stress about the cost of losing flies. "
-- Kevin A, UT

-- Al S, AR


"Dear Mr. Dickey, Just wanted to let you know that I got the flies the day after I spoke with you. Once again they look beautifully crafted and I could not ask for better service. I will be ordering from you again in the future and will definitely spread the word. Cant wait to get on the water this weekend! Keep up the good work. Thanks Again, "
-- Zach D, PA

"Thanks Lamar, I think this is my 3rd or 4th order from you now and I am never disappointed with the quality. Your flies helped me catch a nice 23" Brown on one of your #18 BWO's on the Bow River (pretty big for the Bow) and a nice 21" Cutthroat on one of your #18 Adams in the southwest Alberta mountains this past summer, in addition to countless smaller bows, cuts and browns on your Copper Johns and Princes. A very happy customer! "
-- Brian E, Alberta, Canada


"I just want to say thanks to everyone at the flyshop. I have to say ( looking at my past order history) there is a reason I keep coming back. Your flies are great quality. Not one of them has ever been shipped to me in a condition that I would conceder oddball or unacceptable. Your prices are the best, and your selection is huge. If anyone of your crew finds their way to The Finger Lakes in upstate NY, you have my email. I would be honored to take you out and show you some of our trophy browns, rainbows, and land locks. Thanks again for all the flies and fish that followed. Regards, "
-- Jeffrey D, NY

"You guys are the smokinest bunch of people in the universe!!! I always get my stuff early and even if I didn't, your product (and I dont care what I order from you - it is all the best) is worth the wait!! Thanks for being you. > Tommy"
-- Thomas B, KS


"Hello Lamar!, What a great service you have there, timely response, great merchandise, and a little bit of the "personal touch" thing going on . Quality flies all the way around. Fish in the Yaak and Bull as well as the Kootenai Rivers in Montana and these rivers eat flies. Yours hold up great. Thanks again for your "complimentary items" and will be ordering more good stuff before spring. Later!"
-- Roger R, MT

"I would like to once again thank you for the flies.They are truly unbreakable and invincable! 2 weeks ago I lost one of your lead eye Wooly Bugger's on a large rainbow trout, I went fishing yesterday and I caught the beast. My wooly bugger was absolutely unharmed.Thank you for making quality flies."
-- Pavel B, Ontario, Canada